Teensy 3.6 + soldering

Teensy and breadboard

My objective was to solder a row of pins to the Teensy. The photo below shows the strip of pins.

Vertical Check

Lessons I've learnt is to check the pins are vertical. This requires a breadboad and a visual check. It is saddening to see that the pins slope in at the end of the task.

Push down

Happy that the pins were vertical and all correct. I then pushed down the pins to make a good fit with the breadboard.

Flux is magic

There are soldering wires with flux in - however adding flux works likes magic for me. I coat the pins I am going to solder with flux. Rather than the solder becoming ball bearings and not sticking, the flux makes the solder attract to the pins - some how.

One side done

You could say I missed the photo of the soldering iron and solder wire. I agree but I've only got two hands and couldn't take a photo as well. Anyway below is an example of one side soldered. I keep the iron and solder on the pin for 4 seconds - and work down the side.